AQden Modules
Application Manager
The aQDen Application Manager is designed to provide a flexible, intuitive environment.

Access to the system is completely integrated with your network log-on providing a seamless, single system sign-on. Security is further enhanced within the applications at the transaction and activity level.

The main menu of aQDen provides the user a configurable interface. This provides access to authorized modules and management of active modules. In addition, a flexible system message browser allows departmental and system-wide messages.
Claims Processing Module
aQDen is a user-friendly system, which is easy to navigate. "Quick access" keys are located on the upper toolbar to automatically link the processor to information related to the claim. The "quick access" keys in the Claims Processing Module are links to information such as: enrollment records, provider status information, and claims history.

The aQDen system is well-organized and clear for trainees. It has allowed clients to decrease the claims processing training time dramatically. Custom training schedules can be developed based on your organization’s needs.
Customer Service Viewer
The aQDen Customer Service Viewer is designed as a call-tracking and a representative resource. It was designed to provide answers to 50% of incoming calls within the first tab, and 90 % of incoming calls within the Customer Service Viewer. The representatives are provided "quick access" links located on the upper toolbar to quickly retrieve information in other aQDen modules.

The Customer Service Viewer is completely integrated with other modules to provide accurate, to the minute, information.
EDI Profiler
The EDI Profiler provides a custom designed translation engine. This utility facilitates the development of custom profiles for each interface to the aQDen system.

Each unique profile allows custom mapping of all data into or out of the aQDen system. This includes all EDI Claim and Eligibility imports, or database extracts for other systems. These profiles can also be managed via our integrated scheduling utility to provide completely automated EDI processes.
Orthodontic Module
The Orthodontic Module is designed to ensure the highest level of productivity. It allows an orthodontic schedule to be created based on the submitted treatment plan by a rendering provider.

Claims are automatically generated based on the orthodontic schedule. Claim adjudication is based on current enrollment, benefit, and provider information.
Web Service Integration
aQDen is web-enabled to allow the custom development of web applications to access data. This can be used for web-enrollment, eligibility verification, and a host of other applications.
Other Modules
aQDen has many more modules to offer, such as:
  • Provider / Credential Module
  • Employer Module
  • Member Module
  • Predetermination Module
  • Finance Manager
  • Report Manager
  • Payment Manager
  • Operations Manager